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Jordan Lewis

My name is Jordan Lewis, a former resident of Casa de luz, which means house of light in English. In 2019 I left Jamaica in search of a better future without violence and to seek asylum because I was in fear of my life due to my sexual orientation. When I left Jamaica I had no idea how long this process could take, however my lawyer informed me it can take many months sometimes years. Once I arrived in Tijuana I found a shelter however did not remain long due to reasons beyond my control, once I left there went to another LBGTQ shelter where I did not remain because I didn’t like the how they treated the refugees. After leaving the second shelter I found Casa de Luz where I knew no-one but they showed  me love, compassion and respect. At Casa de Luz I stayed several months right until I entered into the USA. Casa de Luz thought me how to love others even though we came from different countries and different cultures. I will forever be grateful for all that Casa de Luz did for me during this complex and challenging transition in my life. I will love and miss you for ever and always.

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