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CASA DE LUZ SD is a sister organization of Casa de Luz TJ a collective house open to LBGTQ+ refugees who left their home country in search of a better life. Casa de Luz SD raises money for Casa de Luz TJ so they can offer a safe haven for people who lived in fear of persecution because of their sexual orientation or gender identification.


Trans, lesbian, gay & bisexual people are fleeing from all over the world to escape "epidemic levels of violence" and threats by criminal gangs and security forces. Over 2,900 were killed in the past 5 years just in Central America.


These are the most vulnerable refugees entering the US.


What We Do

Housing & meals: as a collective house we provide a safe home, nutritious meals, community and emotional support, along with life essential needs to LBGTQ+ refugees.


Legal Services: We have created a network with pro-bono immigration lawyers who can assist in the asylum process.


Community Empowerment

We often host workshops on various topics related to asylum seekers. These topics include:

  • Getting ready for your asylum application

  • Health & nutrition

  • STD prevention

  • Recovery from violence & abuse


Who We Serve

We serve the LBGTQ+ community. This group is most often the most vulnerable of all the migrants and refugees as they receive no police protection and no acceptance by their family, friends or community. Central American countries like El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have seen over 1,300 LBGTQ+ killed by gangs, family or police force.

Policy Advocacy

We advocate for the human rights of refugees, and improved immigration policies


Our Partners 

What We Do
Community Empowerment
Who We Serve
Policy Advocacy
Our Partners
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