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CASA DE LUZ SD is a 501(c)3 sister organization of Casa de Luz TJ a collective house open to LBGTQ+ refugees who left their home country in search of a better life. Casa de Luz SD raises money for Casa de Luz TJ so they can offer a safe haven for people who lived in fear of persecution because of their sexual orientation or gender identification.

Trans, lesbian, gay & bisexual people are fleeing from all over the world to escape "epidemic levels of violence" and threats by criminal gangs and security forces. Over 2,900 were killed in the past 5 years just in Central America.

These are the most vulnerable refugees entering the US.


Different Countries Where Our Refugees Come From

Honduras, Ukraine, Yemen, Ecuador, China, Jamaica, Uruguay, Argentina, Georgia, + many many more


Sheltered Refugees At Our Site


Days Average Stay


Hope for the Future

About Casa De Luz SD

Housing, Meals, Workshops, Legal Services, Safety, & Community are just a few of the things we focus on.  Our shelter is located in Tijuana, Mexico, a city at the border of the United States and we house 50+ people at any given time awaiting asylum into the US.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

We have several upcoming projects to fund, such as our needs to the HVAC system and Christmas Program.  Our current running fundraiser is our "Will You Be Our Neighbor" program to help keep fund our day to day operations to keep our lights on and pay for food.


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Meet the team behind Casa De Luz SD and learn more about our mission and values. Click here to learn more.


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