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From housing, to food, to transportation, to helping find health and legal services, at Casa de Luz, we are all about community.


Our main focus is to help create a safe place for those awaiting asylum.  We want to create a community that they can feel a part of as the areas they are escaping from made them feel completely disenfranchised.  As the refugees await legal proceedings, we make sure everyone is clothed, fed, and in good health!  The refugees are running away from governments and people that find them illegal, want them hurt, ostracized, and ultimately want them not exist.  No human being is illegal.  We strive for a better tomorrow.




Our three-story building houses more than 50 refugees at a time.  With over 20 rooms that are outfitted with queen size bunkbeds and 6 bathrooms, we are able to comfortably and safely house our residents.  

We team up with local food services to provide not only our residents nutritious meals, but also to those who come in need.  As a collective kitchen, the refugees have access and cook their food if they want.  Not only do we have an inside kitchen, but we also outfitted the place with an outdoor kitchen to better able serve more people.

While we are working towards owning our own vehicle for the transportation needs of the refugees, we will find ways to send people to health appointments, legal appointments, grocery stores, etc. and more specifically to their asylum request appointment at the border.

Legal Services

While we don't have onsite legal help, we find ways to advocate for the refugees and through our network of people, find them the right people to guide them through the right paper work and appointments.

Health Services

We help our refugees find proper dental, medical, and mental services in the neighborhood and help provide the funds for those who cannot afford it.  We try to do what we can with our limited budget.

Safety & Community

We make sure that our residents feel safe and secure in our place.  We create a temporary home for those without one, seeking their permanent home, amongst others seeking the same.  Sadly, there are still 65 countries that criminalize LGBTQ+ people and many more that create hostile living conditions.

Check out the slideshow below to see more pictures of our beautiful shelter!

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