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Will you be our neighbor?

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As the Holidays approaches and the world is changing every single day, we are finding it more necessary than ever to come together as human beings and use our hearts to give compassion and financially to those escaping their home countries just so they will not be killed because they are Gay or Trans. What better gift to give than that of saving someone's life, the best gift i can ever image. Here is how: Casa de Luz is a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, that provides LGBTQ+ refugees fleeing for their lives from brutal countries from all over the world a safe place for safety and help. This year our board at Casa de Luz is very excited to have created an opportunity that will invite anyone and everyone to join us and become our neighbors. Our goal is to have caring, loving, and compassionate neighbors that will help keep our doors open and allow Casa de Luz to be able to continue their work to help our fellow LGBTQ human being a better life. This will also help us towards our bucket list which includes a Van and solar panels with a better chance of becoming reality. That's what good neighbors do.

We at Casa de Luz invite each of you an easy and powerful way to help join our neighborhood, for any dollar amount you feel comfortable with to donate to our "Casa de Luz Homeowners Fees." Clink on the "I want to be your Neighbor" bottom below and fill out the information we would need to have your bank send your gift once every month. With your kind donations, we will be able to give these scared and brave individuals temporary shelter, food, medicine if needed, help with legal representatives, hope, and sponsors to get them into whatever country their journey takes them.

That old saying it takes a village, is so true, We look forward to meeting and creating our new neighborhood. "WILL YOU BE OUR NEIGHBOR?"

For more information, please visit our website

Thank you in advance for every life you join us in saving. You are earning your beautiful wings; you are an Angel as you give hope and love to other human beings. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

After donating, your name will appear on the map below in one of the neighboring plots to our home!


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